Calligraphy 102: text with expression

By Saluki Craft (other events)

4 Dates Through Aug 31, 2017

Text with expression class 102 of our calligraphy series offers something for everyone. Experienced calligraphers, amateurs, and beginners are encouraged to join the open class! The style of 102 is more of a social gathering, drinks and hors d'oeuvre are provided for all participants. The class will begin at 6pm with a brief presentation by our artist Mr. Singer followed by a series of one on one interactions. We strongly recommend and encourage the communication and sharing of skills with fellow guests as well.

Two tickets are available:

Calligraphy Enthusiast: for those bringing their own pens and equipment

Beginner: Includes a starter pen, 3 nibs, and ink. Upgrades for more advanced kits and additional supplies are also available at the door.

Mailing Address

715 S. University Ste. 102